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$430 70CM Senior Adler tan skin(SOLD OUT)
Introduction :
 ◆ Details

Senior Adler - 70cm Dika Doll Senior.
Released date:Jan.5.2011

Skin type:
a. Normal Yellow
b. Normal Pink
c. White
d. Pure white
e. Grey or Tan skin(doll+$70/ head+$35)

Accessories price
a. make-up:$60
b. Clothes:Sold out
c. Shoes:Sold out
d. wig:sold out
e. jointed hands: $79
f. regular hands:$20

$430(70cm Ver.1 male body) The Price Includes:
Basic Doll
Eyes (Random Color)
Birth Card
Cotton Cushion
Please see different verions of body here.
He is with 70cm Ver.1 male body in the pictures.
This doll's head can sale alone.the price is $108.

::::official reference ::::
eyes size:16mm
wig size:20-22cm/8-9inch

Measurements with 3-part/5-part Torso Body:
Height: 73cm
Head Circumference: 22.5cm
Neck Circumference: 10cm
Shoulder Width: 15.5cm
Arm Length: 20cm
Chest Circumference: 26.5cm
Waist Circumference: 20cm
Hip Circumference: 27cm
Back Length: 19cm
Leg Length: 39cm
Thigh Circumference: 16.5cm
Aankle Breadth: 8.5cm
Feet Length: 8.8cm

Delivery Time: about 4~8 weeks
*For your reference,the doll in the image above is tan skin.
 color in the picture could be slightly different from real color depending on monitor or PC setting.
 doll picture is sample only. The actual make-up/body blushing might be different on the color and brush 
*If you select an additional hand joint,there will still be a regular hand joint comes along.

*In some cases,your order may be delayed because of manfacturing reasons.


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